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Investor Section:

1. How can I start investing ?

    - You may complete registration in one simple step, log in to your cabinet and make a deposit from 0.03$ or more.


2. How often do you accrual interest ?

    - Every hour in automatic mode, your interest are capitalized to balance also.


3. Do I need any activity from me?

    - No. We ourselves distribute funds to our borrowers. You must only make withdrawals.


4. How frequent I can make withdrawals ?

    - There are no any limitations for this.


5. Can I withdraw my deposit body ?

    - Yes, of course. You may withdraw your deposit fully or partially in any time.


6. How long do you process withdrawals ?

    - All your withdrawals are processing automatically during a few seconds.


7. How to participate in your affiliate program ?

    - Publish your affiliate link at sites, blogs, forums, social networks and get 20% instantly for every interest accruals of your referrals.


8. Can I be a referral myself ?

    - Unfortunately, but no. If we detect this, one of your accounts will be disabled from partnership program.


Borrower Section:

1. Borrowers from which countries do you send loans ?

    - We have no any limitations by countries. You may receive your loan anywhere, if You will pass our scoring algorithm.


2. To which payment systems I can receive the loan?

    - At this time we are sending loans to Perfect Money and Payeer.


3. What is your requirements to getting loans ?

    - You must be 18 years old, have mobile phone, valid ID-document and photo- or web- camera.


4. Is it necessary to have a verified account in the payment system?

    - No, it's not necessary.


5. How I can repay my loan ?

    - You can do it via Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash and Bitcoin.


6. Can I repay my loan early ?

    - Yes, of course. In this case You will pay only for passed days, no any penalty.


7.  How is the prolongation ?

    - Prolongation is possible unlimited times, You must regularly pay loan percentage for passed days.


8. What are your penalties in case of delay repayment or prolongation ?

    - 1$ regardless of the loan amount every day.